WAPHA, Water and Planetary Health Analytics, has been created by leading global experts in the fields of water and planetary health and sustainable development. The three founders, Mark Macklin, Chris Thomas and Pim Martens, are leading researchers in rivers, coasts, ecology, climate change impacts, disease, health, sustainable development and adaptive solutions in the field of planetary health, combining their years of experience in fieldwork, analysis, modelling and integrated assessment on projects across the globe.

The team at WAPHA are supported by an extensive global network of experts that allows them to react quickly to complex, interdisciplinary challenges. 

WAPHA focuses on mining and environment; water resource management, water-related pollution and disease; climate change impacts on water resources and extreme hydrological events (floods and droughts); and related ecosystem and human health issues. 

For its clients, WAPHA will provide a holistic, research-led service across the world in industrial, insurance, and environment sectors, as well as governments and NGOs.