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WAPHA - Water & Planetary Health Analytics - is a new group of experts who have come together to provide specialist leadership and expertise in planetary health approaches to water, biodiversity, climate change, and industrial and development projects around the globe.​

WAPHA brings an interdisciplinary approach to commissioned research and environmental consulting that is based on state-of-the-art technical data collection and models, and a process-based understanding to facilitate resilient development and adaptation in rural and urban catchments and coastal systems worldwide.

As the world transitions towards a green economy, the urgency to address challenges created by  water scarcity, biodiversity loss, climate change, pollution and habitat loss, both for new industrial and energy development, and as a continuing legacy from the old, has never been more important. This complexity requires a new approach – integrating cross-sector, process-based expertise to deliver adaptive solutions, engaging international expert networks and hands-on leadership to projects anywhere in the world.  

WAPHA is based at, and supported by, the University of Lincoln Centre for Water and Planetary Health, UK and the Chair Group on Planetary Health at Maastricht University, The Netherlands.